Short Sale Project – Approved!

After several months of waiting, we received notice from the Bank this week that the SHORT SALE PROJECT (you know…the one that started this whole blog in the first place)  was approved!  Yippee!  BUT, there is always a BUT…there is a blanket lien on the property that will have to be removed and some language in the approval letter that the Seller wants removed.  Hopefully we can resolve these issues and move on toward inspections and closing.  We can spend the next few months renovating and then be ready for the high dollar rental season that begins in March!  (Click here to see my decorating inspiration)

We are definitely buying the “diamond in the rough”…but here is a glimpse at some of our neighbors who are also for sale.  This will give you an idea of what we want to look like when we are done with renovations!  (Well,  minus the second and third stories)


I love fall – even though it is still hot at the beach, the tease of fall has begun.  I can’t wait for sweaters and jeans.  Lower humidity and better hair.  Halloween parties.  Pumpkin patches.  School parties.  Trick or Treating on golf carts.

Are you on Pinterest? (You can follow me at Kris Moran.)  Here is what I have on a few of my fall inspired Pinterest boards.

What I want to wear this fall:

And what I want to eat:

And how I want to spruce up my house:

And how I want to decorate for Halloween:


As my Southern friends would say – Happy Fall Ya’ll!


If You’re Lucky Enough to be at the Beach, You’re Lucky Enough!

I love that saying – how true!  I see it all the time on pillows and tea towels – along with “you never know how many friends you have until you have a house at the beach”!

Today was photography day for work - I had to travel about 45 minutes east to Panama City Beach and take photos of some of our new listings.  A touch of fall is in the air and the weather here is perfect!  Here are a few balcony photos from these condos – all priced well under $300,000 for Gulf front!

This is the 22nd floor view at Majestic Beach Towers
This is the view from a condo at Treasure Island!
And then lunch at Pompano Joes – one of the few Gulf front restaurants in Destin.  I had the most delish fish tacos - if you ever find
yourself in my neck of the woods, Pompano Joes must be on your list of things to do!
Happy Monday!